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Whether you're an experienced designer, a new technician looking for a break, or even an independant vendor looking to grow your network, Red Panda Productions is always on the hunt for talent.

We live by a culture of inclusion, collaboration, education, and imagination.

Send us email to   redpanda@redpandaproductions.ca   and we'll get in touch!


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At the foundation of every successful event is a creative, beautiful, artfully crafted design.  At Red Panda Productions, we are constantly on the lookout for the best talent across the maritimes, Canada, and beyond!  Become part of our ever-growing design team, and join a network of designers dedicated to innovation and immagination.

Work on interesting and diverse projects with a team of other passionate creatives!

Send us an email to   redpanda@redpandaproductions.ca   to get in touch.  Send us a resume, portfolio, site link... whatever you've got! We'd love to learn as much about you as possible!


Good technicians make events run smoothly, and are often the critical difference between a good show day and a chaotic one.  Red Panda Productions hires only the best technicians for our events.

If you're a skilled technician looking to increase your work connections, send us an email at   redpanda@redpandaproductions.ca today!

We are also passionate about education and training.  Go to the Education tab to learn more about our upcoming training seminars.


A rich community is the key to repeated success.  Trust in our network of vetted vendors; people that we would trust with our own wedding.

If you're a passionate business with a love of community and excellence, we want to hear from you!  We offer generous partnership rates and are vehement promoters of our partners.  Email us today at   redpanda@redpandaproductions.ca.


Education is at the heart of our values.  We believe that tomorrow's best technician is someone yet undiscovered.
Send us an email to   redpanda@redpandaproductions.ca   to book your spot.  Spaces are limited!

Upcoming Seminars

Technician Bootcamp - Fredericton - Spring 2020 (stay tuned for dates and venue info!)
Technician Bootcamp - Saint John - Spring 2020 (stay tuned for dates and venue info!)
Technician Bootcamp - Moncton - Spring 2020 (stay tuned for dates and venue info!)

Technican Bootcamp

A 2-day course covering all the basics of technical live entertainment.  Learn onsite audio, lighting, and video basics, how to get gigs and keep getting them.  Our custom carriculum combines classroom learning with hands-on training to give the best educational experience.

Cost: $200.00+hst CAD for 2-day course.
Student discounts available.  Contact for private booking rates.
Class runs 0800-1700 both days.  Lunch and coffee included both days.  Steel toes required.